1. birds are the most wonderful creatures in this world!
    …that doodle book…got me intrigued ; )

  2. Yes,those clear cold days, choclate milk after a big walk.
    Nice to see your eldest one drawing!
    She had the russia doll in her mind,no?

  3. i just had to go check out that ‘doodle je dag – scheurkalender’!
    awesome, is the word, i believe…

    and i am a sucker for winter light too.
    there simply is no other comparable to its fragility.

  4. 🙂 ‘doodle je dag” is a super nice calendar, for every day there is a different doodle. The doodles are super fun and cute…makes me happy every time I’m looking at it, or to be precise- staring at …

  5. renilde says

    it’s nice to have a glimpse of your wintery neighbourhood and i love birds 🙂
    a young artist in the house……so nice, childrens’ drawings are so wonderful spontaneous and fascinating, xx

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