1. renilde says

    How extraordinary! i hope they survive when it gets really cold.

    Wishing you a great 2012, xx

  2. i’m sure these lime-yellow birds stand symbol to something. well, at least they entertain… what a colourful sight in wintertime!… (are you living close to artis, perhaps) ;)))

    happy, happy new year. have fun, have joy. create. that’s the mix!…

  3. oh what a unrealistic, dreamy view! there are hundreds of them living free in cologne, but i’m not sure if they are exactly the same kind…
    happy happy new year, you inspiring, wonderful artist! xxx, julia

  4. Dear Hagar, what a surprise to have those birds in your garden!
    So you have already a good start 🙂

    I wish you and your family a good,healthy and inspirational 2012 !
    And for you a creativity explosion !!

    xxx Ingrid

  5. Dear Hagar,
    how are you?
    And, may I invite you to the next week’s drawing challenge? I’ll be the host with ‘TEATIME’.


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