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Surprise from above

Beautiful spring, sunny day was last Sunday. We went out to one of our favorite places: Elswout.
While enjoying the nature around us, we heard a loud sound and suddenly a cloud of color was above our heads. I don’t what going on with me and birds lately and parrot in particularly- but there he was-a gorgeous, colorful, huge parrot landed on the tree next to us.
Strait from a National Geography film….:-)


  1. So Graceful, beautiful, the other pictures too! I remember this place.

  2. Dear Ariane… that’s a good one…;-)
    Just heard from a friend that grew up in that area that there were many of this huge, tropical parrot there …funny…isn’t it…?

  3. Hello Haggar, o love those pictures with those little children hands…discovering something and the dirt 🙂

    But those Parrots…strange I never saw them when I was living in Amsterdam only in the Zoo.
    And yes..spring’s my favourite time of the year!

  4. Dear Ingrid,

    Its wasn’t in Amsterdam, it was in Elswout next to Haarlem, but for sure they are following me…;-)

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