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The Mouse Mansion -Het Muizenhuis

In our last visit to the OBA (the central library in Amsterdam) we discovered the most amazing creation: “The Mouse Mansion”(Het Muizenhuis), this art project is created by the Dutch artist Karina Schaapman.

It’s an amazing house, almost three meters high (!), counting more than a hundred rooms, alleys and outdoor spaces built from cardboard boxes and paper-mache and all kinds of waste materials.

The house is followed-up by a book (or the other way around), tells the story about Julia and Sam, two mice living in the mouse mansion and their adventures.

Karina Schaapman took the accuracy of the details to perfection. When you take a close look it is absolutely overwhelming.

The good news is that the house is permanently exhibited in the main branch of the Amsterdam Public Library. (close to the central railway station). We have so much joy looking at the book and discovering new details in every time.

In case you don’t live in area, take a look at this movie (although in Japanese), it gives a good idea about this beautiful project, enjoy and have a great weekend:


  1. it is a wonderful project
    and also a wonderful book
    I bought it at the last ‘Kinderboekenweek’
    and gave it away to a friend
    maybe I should buy one for myself
    it is a book
    I wished I had made

  2. That is exactly what I thought – what a pleasure is to dive into a project like that…and immediately thought about your father- so much help he can give you…:-)

  3. oh, i want to move in!!
    maybe dear hagar and liebe patrice we should make a book together??
    i have a story in my brain since many years, never got finished…
    love, julia

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