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Visiting Brussels

We had a beautiful weekend  in Brussels. In every visit we discover new place to see and visit. In three day we walked a lot,

Tasted a lot of chocolates and drank chocolat-chaud (ye, this city takes a different angle when you are with a 6 years old..: )

We visited a museum,kicked out from another (the baby wagon was not allowed, our baby on our hands

was a problem and they didn’t let us take  even one hand bag with us inside- and all of that after we bought the tickets-

I was SO angry…). After we went to a concert, flee market and discover new part on this beautiful city.


  1. lovely, isn’t it? i certainly love every second i’m there for work…
    i’m sorry you got treated the way you did at the museum.
    belgian bureaucracy is so lower midclass about practical things sometimes… i should know, i’m belgian,
    hopefully more open minded….

  2. Dear Woolf,
    I LOVE Brussels and I like it more and more every time I’m there! certainly I will not let people from the museum to ruined that.Don’t worry!
    By the way, there is AAF this coming weekend, did you went there in the past? I’m very curious about this event..

  3. hi hagarvar (sorry, is this your first name only?)

    aaf i have never been. sounds good though, affordable art! but i’m more into brocante myself, and i think that ‘the affordable’ in brussels art will still be quite expensive. you went to the flea market, that’s where true affordable lives, of course… so you come regularly, to brussels? are you living nearby then?
    anyway, sorry to have taken so long in replying.
    lovely weekend to you! (almost);
    woolf n?

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