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What a week (#1) – thanks to Design spong and Things Orgenized Neatly

What a week it was! started with my work featured at Design sponge(with wonderful works by Kate Pruitt), later in “Things Organized Neatly” and ended at “collectif textile“. And at the very end of the week- my birthday. (on that, on the coming post…:-). -thank you all very much!

and a bit of autumn also arrived this week in full glory …


  1. ok
    something went wrong
    so I will try again!

    what I said was that the text at design sponge made me smile
    you turned out to be a man! ;^))
    and that I love your lonely houses
    as I have said before
    and thank you for the invitation
    I would love to come and meet you
    but those days I will be In Finland
    visiting my brother and his family

    wishing you a fine weekend!
    Patrice A.

  2. ….happy making, wonderful, heartwarming birthday my dear hagar!
    may your wishes come true!
    it makes me so very happy that you/+your great work is mentioned!!!
    love+extra big birthday hugs, julia

  3. renilde says


    enjoy your birthday dear Hagar,wishing you a year full of lovely surprises, xx

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