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  • My “Society 6” shop

    My “Society 6” shop

  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays!

    Wishing you happy, wonderful, full of love and joy holidays! 🙂

  • Celebration


    Week(s) of happy celebrations. I celebrated my birthday on Monday with lots of love, family, good friends, laughter and sun…:-) Later on the day we took a long walk at one of our favorite places outside of Amsterdam. There we saw a huge group of Swans floating on the water. Never saw it before. It…

  • Duikelman


    Or as we call it “Kitchen heaven”. All  you need, want or never knew existed….;-)  I’m in love with the room full of baking trays, molds, cookie cutters in all shapes and forms and so many other things. Across the street you will find their other shop of cooking books and more. Suitable for real…

  • Celebrating three years!

    Celebrating three years!

    Last week we celebrated Liam’s birthday. Three years. Pure love and happiness. Love the long mornings we spending together. Playing, building, talking, singing, dancing, creating things together. So much joy. Happy birthday my little one!

  • My new work

    My new work

    My new work series is finished. Well, the first stage any way…..For the last few months I’ve been working on new works.  I took a big step for my self and worked with bigger formats than I usually do, combined with paper collages (old love of mine). I enjoy every second of experimenting and trying…

  • Amsterdam – relaxed Sunday morning

    Amsterdam – relaxed Sunday morning

    Relaxed Sunday morning round on our neighborhood. Autumn, cold fresh air. Still lots of flowers and green. Love this relaxed time together…

  • Concentrated pure joy

  • It’s all about love

    It’s all about love

    A picture that i took of the love sign that hangs in the front of our house My beloved 6 years old daughter prepare a surprise for us in the morning -beautiful heart chain that she hanged on the window kitchen…what a perfect way to start a day…:-)