The best secret guide to Amsterdam De pijp


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After many requests to share tips about good places to visit in Amsterdam,….here it is: “The best secret guide to Amsterdam – De Pijp” or “Don’t forget to bring your umbrella!”

When visiting other cities there is nothing I like doing more than following a local guide and discover the hidden treasures of a place. The kind of places that only locals knows about.

All the places & shops mentioned in this guide are based on my personal recommendation only. I don´t have any benefits from sharing this information. I collected them because for me they make this place special. All photos are taken by me (unless mentioned otherwise). I also included Google maps for easy searching and localization.

Tweede Jacob van Campenstraat 2, Amsterdam

Fashion and accessories

Sarphatipark 24 1072 PB ,Amsterdam

Cafe/art deco shop



Albert Cuyp daily Market

Prints and gifts

Play ground (open till 18:00)

Wood fired ovens pizzeria

vegetarian restaurant



Cook book shop

Museum plein

 Rijks Museum

Stedelijk Museum

Van Gogh Museum

kitchen appliances

Deli + Cafe



Shop+ Cafe

Open only on Sundays

gemstones, minerals and fossils.

Kids books and toys shop

macarons shop

Kid’s party shop

fashion accessories

vintage design, art

Shop +cafe

De Pijp/Museum Quarter is where I live for the last 10 years, the neighborhood that I love very much. You can find here museums, parks, shops, cafes, restaurants and a daily market. All that makes it one of the most popular places in the city. It’s ever changing, full of energy and fun. Some of the places are there for 30 years or more and some of them are brand new.

This guide covers the area between the three biggest museums of Amsterdam:The Stedelijk museum, the Van Gogh museum and the Rijks museum. Between them is the Museumplein – a big square with a green grass field to take a rest, relax and enjoy. For children there is a small playground. In a few minutes walk you will find the Albert Cuyp market, greats shops, cafes restaurants and the wonderful Sarphati park.

So here it is, the the ultimate guide for all the curious and adventurous…:-)

Please click on the pictures below to start your favorite tour:

Off course I can’t leave you without some recommended places in other parts of Amsterdam:

Canal cruise – a must. The best way to see and feel the city. Great for kids.

Nine streets – don’t leave the city without spending some time between those beautiful little streets.

The Eye Museum– Dutch center for film culture and heritage and one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Take a ferry across the water and enjoy the view.

The bag museum /Tassen museum Hendrikje -  I wrote about this museum here. Charming, interesting, beautiful to see. Located in one of the most beautiful canals of the city.

Utrechtsestraat – Beautiful shopping street. Don’t misses the small side streets with second hand shops and art galleries.

Haarlemmerstraat -  Chosen to be the best shopping street in the city and indeed if you love unique design and fashion shops with nice cafes, this street is for you.

OBA (the central library in Amsterdam) – if you have time, do visit the central library. In the kid’s floor you will find the “The Mouse Mansion -Het Muizenhuis” in real size (stunning work!) and on the top floor you can sit in the cafe/restaurant and enjoy one of the best views on the city.

Unique shops in the city:
Het Grote Avontuur/the big adventure- shop that sells paper goods, vintage home accessories and assorted treasures

Vlieger Papier   paradise for paper lovers. In the second floor is for art and craft.

The New Label Project-  a unique concept shop that presents the work of emerging artis.

Athenaeum– Favorite shop for design and art books and magazine.


Hand made market Museumplein – Original and hand-made design, art and crafts market on the Museumplein. Very diverse and interesting to visit. Check the link to the coming dates.

Sunday Market – Hand-made, art, fashion and design market at the Westergasfabriek, at the first Sunday on the month.

IJ Hallen – The ultimate and by far the best second hand market in the city. don’t miss it!

Note: check the opening hours of shops and restaurants. Especially on Monday morning most are open a bit later (relaxed Amsterdam…;-)

And last but not least note: don’t forget your umbrella!



25 responses to “The best secret guide to Amsterdam De pijp”

  1. cira Avatar

    Thank you from Barcelona! This is exactly what I need it! I’m visiting Amsterdam on august… and you schudeled my agenda 🙂

  2. Kreetta Avatar

    Thank you Hagar! I wish I could come to Amsterdam in near future…I haven’t been there before but I really like to see your town. Lovely guide!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hagarvar Avatar

    Dear Cira- I’m very happy that I published this guide on a good timing 🙂
    Enjoy your visit…:-)
    Love(!!!) Barcelona!

  4. Hagarvar Avatar

    Dear Kreetta, Thank you!!! Hope you will visit here soon…Have a wonderful and sunny weekend, xox

  5. cira Avatar

    I’ll be pleased to make you a good guide if you decide to come! 🙂

  6. Hagarvar Avatar

    Dear Cira- its a deal! 🙂
    I visited Barcelona few years ago- and I love it!!

  7. Jane Avatar

    Super! Dankjewel hiervoor!

  8. Hagarvar Avatar

    Dear Jane, very happy you stop by …and thank you – your shop in a true gem!

  9. Maxine Avatar

    And not forgetting Hutspot, one of my favourite concept stores in De Pijp.

  10. Hagarvar Avatar

    Hi Maxine, Indeed its a nice place…-Thanks!

  11. Maya Levi Avatar

    A very nice post! Wish I could come to Amsterdam soon.
    I have to say that your photos are great – I entered almost every website of the places you chose, and your photos are much more impressive than those websites!

  12. Hagarvar Avatar

    Dear Maya,
    Thank you so much for you kind words and for visiting my blog….<3
    I agree that some of the web site dont use the best pics…;-)
    I hope you will able to visit Amsterdam soon…:-)

  13. Laura Avatar

    Hi! I’ll be in in Amsterdam this weekend. Thanks for your guide, I’ll make sure that I read it carefully before leaving! 😀
    We stayed in De Pijp end june/beginning of july already (right before you posted your guide) and loved it <3 What a nice district!

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  16. Mary Stalker Avatar
    Mary Stalker

    Thank you for the great insight into de-Pijp. We are visiting and staying in the neighbourhood in May and I was researching organic cafés and feel very lucky to have stumbled over your wonderful website- so much information- just what I was looking for. Have a great day….

    1. Hagarvar Avatar

      Dear Mary,
      Thank you!!
      I do with much love and joy:-)
      In the coming week Im going to update about new Organic cafes in the area!
      Enjoy your visit!

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  20. Kieren Avatar

    I just came across you blog and love you local tips for Oud zuid and de Pijp.

  21. Henrike Wüllner Avatar
    Henrike Wüllner


    i searched for good travel guides and hidden information, cool places and locations that are a must see in Amsterdam.
    This is exactly what i needed!
    Thank you

  22. Karen Wanderlustingk Avatar

    Fantastic guide. I’m compiling my own local’s guide to Amsterdam, but linking to your bit about De Pijp!

  23. Karen Wanderlustingk Avatar

    Hi, I linked to your guide in my blog post about the best neighborhoods to explore in Amsterdam as I thought it was great. Post here:

    1. Hagar Avatar

      Thanks Karen! Your blog looks beautiful!

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